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Yule: The History Behind the Fragrance

Updated: May 23, 2022

Festive Yuletide Comfort and Joy. Energising and Comforting Orange, cinnamon and clove

A traditional blend for Yuletide comfort, full of seasonal cheer & heartfelt celebration. Festive, bright & energising, this fragrance revives nostalgic fond memories of seasonal warmth & lustre.

Orange, a natural air-freshener known for its purifying & cleansing powers, smells beautiful & cheerful. Cinnamon, a warm, rich, spicy oil elevates & calms the atmosphere. Clove, traditionally associated with Christmas is similarly an exotic & intense. This combination is the ultimate winter solstice mood lifter.

Yule is an indigenous midwinter festival celebrated in Germany that is now a common term for Christmas & the Winter Solstice.

The solstice is marked as the rebirth of the sun as we reach the longest day of the year and the nights starts to decrease in length again in the northern hemisphere.

This time of year was celebrated as Saturnalia by the Romans and in neopaganism the Holly King is a god ruling the dark half of the year and the Oak King ruling the lighter. They battle perpetually every year, each one being at their strength for half of the year, then losing in turn.

Bringing greenery into the house has been a long tradition in many cultures, usually in the form of wreaths, fir trees & boughs.

The winter solstice marks the start of the 12 days of Christmas. Many British Christmas customs come from ancient pagan practices from across Europe and have been adopted by the Christian church including feasting, carol singing, games, exchanging gifts, with friends and kin and were particularly popularised in the Victorian era.