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Virtuous Vernal: Eco Swaps

Being eco-conscious is sometimes stressful. Sometimes we just feel like there’s always so much more we can be doing and we can easily become overwhelmed. It’s important for us to recognise that small steps can make a huge difference and that we don’t always have to do things perfectly. Ultimately remembering that,

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” Anne Marie Bonneau

is helpful to to keep us motivated and not bogged down with the responsibility of looking after our planet.

Our Virtuous Vernal social media campaign has been created to grow a community inspired by quotes from the eco-conscious, give eco swap suggestions to demonstrate that we practise what we preach and to promote some of our favourite ethical brands. We’re not perfect but strive to do what we can within our means and we hope that you’ll join us in our plight for caring for our planet (one other, all the living creatures and ourselves). Don’t feel you have to implement everything straight away, it’s more about building our consciousness for environmentally friendly living.

🌼 Virtuous Vernal Eco Swap 1: Sustainable Home.

We were given lovely Herbatica coconut bowls for Christmas by Laura's aunt and uncle. They are 100% natural and handmade.

Herbatica are "on a mission to bring more and more natural alternatives to everyday products and make the switch to your eco-friendly lifestyle more pleasant and affordable" and from every single purchase they donate £0.43 to people without fresh water. Not only are their products sustainable but they give back to those who don’t have one of the basic commodities available. Here are a few other suggestions for making your home more eco-friendly: