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The Health Benefits of Baths: 8 Reasons to Add Them to Your Hygiene Routine

Lady relaxes in bath tub
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Ahhh, nothing beats a warm bath after a long day. But why settle for just any old soak when you could be indulging in the ultimate healing bath?

Did you know that baths can provide many health benefits? Regularly soaking in a warm bath can significantly improve your health and hygiene routine. In this blog post, we will explore the bath benefits of adding a bath to your routine, and provide 8 reasons why they are important for your health. From reducing stress to improving skin health, there are many reasons to make time for a soothing bath. Read on to find out more about the health benefits of baths.

1) They relieve pain

Baths are an excellent way to relieve pain. Baths can provide excellent benefits for your body when added with the right ingredients. The warm water and minerals from the soap can help relax the muscles and ease tension throughout the body. This helps reduce pain in joints, muscles, and nerves. Soaking in a warm bath can also increase circulation, which helps reduce pain and inflammation.

2) They improve circulation

Baths are great for improving circulation as the warm water helps relax the muscles. The heat also promotes better blood flow, making it a great way to relax after a stressful day. To maximise circulation benefits, use handmade soap or natural cold processed soaps with vegan ingredients to further the plant-based benefits. This will help reduce inflammation, leaving your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

Woman taking relaxing bath surrounded by calming candles
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3) They help you sleep

A hot bath before bed can help your body and mind relax, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting better sleep. According to a study published in the journal Sleep, people who took regular hot baths reported better sleep quality than those who didn’t. Hot baths can help you ease into sleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

Essential oils like lavender, ylang-ylang, or chamomile can also help you get into a relaxed state of mind. Add a few drops to your bath and enjoy the calming aroma as you soak in the warm water.

To make the most of your bedtime bath, twin your relaxing bath with natural cold processed soap bars.

4) They ease anxiety

It's no secret that a relaxing bath can be incredibly helpful in easing anxiety. Soaking in warm water helps to relax the body and mind and can help to reduce stress levels. This can be especially useful in helping with insomnia and other sleep disorders. By reducing stress hormones, a warm bath helps to encourage feelings of relaxation, allowing your mind to drift off and enter a more peaceful state.

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5) They improve skin health

Bathing is a great way to improve skin health. The combination of warm water and natural soap can reduce inflammation, remove dirt and oil from the skin, and even reduce wrinkles. A warm bath can also soothe irritated skin and leave you feeling refreshed. Consider adding a few drops of essential oils to your bath to enhance the benefits of your skincare routine further.

6) They boost immunity

One of the most significant benefits of baths is that they can help to boost your immune system. Taking a bath can help protect you from viruses and bacteria. A warm bath has been found to increase white blood cell production, which helps to improve your body's defence against illness. The added minerals from the soap can further increase your body's immunity by providing additional antioxidants to help fight off any infections.

Soap and other bathroom items sitting on the rim of a running bath
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7) They aid in detoxification

Bathing can be an excellent way to help your body detoxify and flush out toxins from the skin. Soaking in a hot bath can also help to relax muscles and stimulate circulation, allowing your body to move toxins out more quickly. A regular detox bath is a great way to keep your body clean and healthy.

8) They can help with weight loss

Do you ever feel like your diet and exercise routine aren't doing enough to help you lose weight? You might be surprised to learn that taking regular baths can be part of a successful weight-loss program. Soaking in a hot bath can effectively help burn calories and even suppress your appetite!

Studies have found that taking a hot bath for an hour can burn as much as 130 calories – the equivalent of a 30-minute walk. The heat from the bath also helps reduce hunger hormones, leading to fewer cravings for unhealthy foods. Taking a hot bath before bedtime also raises body temperature, which can help improve overall metabolism.

Lady running a relaxing bath in a luxurious bathroom
Credit: zinkevych via Adobe Stock

So how do I run the ultimate healing bath?!

First, start by filling your bathtub with warm water – not hot, because that can dehydrate your skin and make it more difficult to relax. If you’re looking for extra nourishment, try adding essential oils and epsom salts.

Next, add your chosen bath products. We recommend using natural soaps, shampoos and conditioners made from organic, vegan ingredients. Not only are they better for the environment, but they’re also much kinder to your skin. They contain no harsh chemicals and provide plenty of plant-based benefits like moisturising and calming the skin.

Now it’s time to get in and enjoy your soak! Allow yourself to be wholly enveloped in the warmth and take deep breaths. Spend time in contemplation – think about the things that bring you joy and gratitude. Focus on what you are thankful for and let them fill you with peace—perhaps some soothing mood music to help you loosen up.

Finally, when it’s time to get out, take a few moments to wind down. Your skin will thank you!

So there you have it – how to run the ultimate healing bath. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes!

Beautiful relaxing bath atmosphere lit with ambient candles
Credit: Alena Ozerova via Adobe Stock

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