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Langtree Botanics: The Story of the Beltane Nature Sprite

In the British Isles, Beltane is an ancient festival celebrated on the first day of May to mark the beginning of summer. It is a time of great joy and revelry, as people gather to dance around the bonfires, make offerings to encourage growth and celebrate the fertility of the land. It is also a mystical night when we are reminded of the magic and mystery of the natural world.

In the ancient, dusty book we stumbled upon in Grandma's attic, an intriguing legend of the Beltane Sprite is told. This enchanted nature sprite lived deep, in the heart of the forest. Nature sprite creatures of antiquity were part of the natural environment; they were the embodiment of nature and they reflected the season in which they each thrived best.

The Beltane Sprite is an optimistic and playful spirit who loved nothing more than to dance in the moonlight, rustle joyfully among leaves of the trees in the forest and sing with the birds.

One Beltane eve, as the people of the nearby village were preparing for their celebrations, the Beltane sprite could not resist an overwhelming urge to join in the human folk’s festivities. So he ventured out of the forest and made his way to the village square, where the bonfire blazed bright and the music and laughter filled the air. As they danced and frolicked with the revellers, the Beltane nature sprite felt a deep connection, not only to the earth and sun and moon they were celebrating but also to the people. The sprite knew that they had found joy in celebrating with the humans, and that they wanted to be a part of the human world forever.

Battered, old brown scrap spell book
The enchanted scrap book we found in Grandma's attic

So the Beltane Nature Sprite made a pact with the earth, promising to protect and nurture the land in exchange for the gift of human contact. And thus, the Beltane Nature Sprite, a guardian of the forests and fields who would forever be a part of the turning of the seasons could also cross from the forest’s otherworldly realm to frolic with human folk on the eve of the 1st of May.

Now, on each Beltane eve, the Beltane nature sprite emerges from the depths of the forest to dance with the humans once more. So if you should feel their presence, perhaps in the rustling of the leaves, look carefully, be friendly and the Beltane Nature Sprite may come and play with you. A quick forage through to another of our webpages could bring you directly to the nature sprite so you can adopt one for yourself. However, time is of the essence as these captivating creatures are scarce and eagerly embark on whimsical adventures alongside their new companions. Don't delay, for the opportunity to embrace a sprite of your own is fleeting!

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