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New Fragrance Release: Solstice

Refreshing and floral. Rejuvenating and grounding Lemon, lavender, grapefruit and myrtle

Solstice is a refreshing and floral complex blend of citrus and lavender blooms. The fragrance conjures visions of summer tide picnics, captures the mischief of midsummer sprites in the early morning dew and the essence of longest days and mild nights.

Zesty, crisp lemon is energising, cleansing and known for easing stress and natural detoxification. Although contradicting in some attributes the citrus fruit is subtly blended with the popular floral soothing & calming scent of lavender. Also fused with sweet but sharp grapefruit and the fresh perfume of myrtle, the overall result is both uplifting and calming.

The summer solstice is the time honoured celebration signifying the height of summer.

The sun appears to stand still in the sky and has been celebrated as Vestalia in ancient Rome, Kronia in ancient Greece, and the coming of Sirius the brightest star in ancient Egypt, to name a few.

The belief that Druids worshipped the dawn of midsummer at Stone Henge remains popular and activities such as lighting bonfires, feasting and procession are associated with the summer solstice in northern Europe.

Many people gather at ancient monuments today to observe the astronomical occasion as they believe our forefathers did before us. Medicinal herbs are collected and spells of love and marriage are cast on the eve of the solstice as it has long been associated with magic and faeries.

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