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Merry May! The history behind the Beltane fragrance

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Langtree Botanic's signature herbal scent. Soothing and stimulating

Frankincense, laurel leaf and rosemary

Beltane is an exquisitely earthy, spiced fragrance crafted using a herbal mix of laurel leaf and rosemary. Combined with rich frankincense, sacred in many ancient cultures and particularly associated with May Day celebrations throughout history, the aroma invigorates, revitalises and reduces anxiety.

Revitalising frankincense is known for its many health benefits including stress relief and easing respiratory issues. The herbal blend of refreshing bay leaf, that aids concentration & energises, with stimulating and cleansing rosemary together enliven the soul and welcome the start of summer.

Beltane, celebrated on the 1st of May signifies the start of summer.

Beltane is rich with associated customs that have been reinvented over the years from ancient celebrations. Deriving from the Druid Fire Festival, fires are traditionally lit at moonrise on the eve of May Day, and exuberant dancing and celebration takes place.

Bringing greenery and flora from outside to decorate the house has always been a part of the celebrations and this developed into the parading of the May Garland and crowning of the May Queen. The Green Man also makes an appearance at Beltane, representing the rebirth of nature.

The Roman’s celebrated Floralia and burnt frankincense from which the base of Langtree’s Beltane fragrance is drawn. May Day is celebrated today in the form of a bank holiday, and the Jack in the Green can be seen dancing in town streets.

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