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Langtree Botanics earns official Vegan Society Trademark

We're delighted to announce that Langtree Botanics have received a certificate from The Vegan Society, giving us permission to advertise our products with the Vegan Society trademark. This is something we're very proud of, and something that we have strived for since we began.

This trademark recognises that all of our product ingredients used in our candles and aroma truffles, are entirely natural, and that they are in no way derived from any animal product.

Langtree Botanics engaged the Vegan Society to assess our candles. This extensive process, which was hindered due to the pandemic and irregular availability of raw materials, took much longer than initially anticipated. The Vegan Society scrutinised the ingredients we use to manufacture our products, their origins, how they are obtained and produced, and whether they are plant/vegetable based ingredients.

Ethics and sustainability are at the heart of our values and creativity, so it is important to us that the ingredients we use reflects this.

All Langtree ingredients are high quality, cruelty free and vegan. We source ingredients from reputable suppliers who also take pride in their ethics.

Following the assessment, we have now been given permission to use their trademark for our communication and marketing.

We mainly use recyclable materials such as glass and paper, and only resort to a very small amount of recyclable plastic where there is no alternative. We actively encourage reusing, recycling and upcycling packaging to achieve zero waste. Follow us on Instagram for ideas and promotions.

We are currently researching initiatives on how we can ensure Langtree is carbon neutral and also relevant charities to support and give back to the community.

Our pledge to bring you the safest, cleanest products by staying up to date on the latest eco-friendly initiatives is an inexhaustible journey that we relish.

To see our entire product range, click here

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