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How to Remove Wax from your Oil Burner

Langtree’s ‘aroma truffle’ wax melts are designed for use in an oil burner. Simply place a wax melt in the bowl and light a tea light underneath. The aroma’s will spread as the wax melts. You can reuse the wax melt many times but sadly, the truffle will eventually lose its potency and you’ll want to replace it. Here are a few suggestions on how to get your wax melt remains out of the burner.

  1. Light the tea light just enough to warm the burner to loosen the remaining wax you can then gently tip or wipe it out as a solid into another container to dispose of. You can then wipe the remaining residue off with a tissue, kitchen roll or cloth. This method avoids scraping and any potential damage to the burner or wax scalding. Alternative ways:

  2. To soak up the wax using tissue or cotton wool balls, melt the wax until it is all completely melted. Wearing protective gloves, take a couple of cotton wool balls and dip them in to absorb the liquid wax. Wipe any remaining wax in the bowl with another clean cotton ball or paper towel. Be very careful when handling hot wax.

  3. I haven’t personally tried this but using your freezer to shrink the wax is an easy way to cleanly remove the left over wax from your burner, however do not do this with glass burner bowls as they might crack with the extreme change in temperatures. Once the burner has completely cooled down after use, place the burner in the freezer for around 15 minutes and the wax should just fall out.

Whatever you do, don’t try chipping away at the wax with a sharp implement as you are likely to damage the burner. They can also be quite fragile too so you don’t want to risk cracking it in two.

If you want to give the burner a little wash, then do so using warm soapy water. Don’t be tempted to use products such as furniture polish as these are likely to be flammable.

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At Langtree botanics we lovingly create luxury eco artisan soy wax aroma truffles that are naturally fragranced with essential oils for a clean burn.

All of our ethical aroma truffles are:

- Made from 100% natural eco soy wax

- Certified by the Vegan Society

- Free from synthetic fragrances and colourings

- Made using the highest grade essential oils from sustainable sources

- Presented in eco-friendly sustainable packaging

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