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Equinox: The History Behind the Fragrance

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Crisp earthy autumnal spice Warming and relaxing Vetiver and black pepper

Equinox evokes gentle walks in the woods with the sun low in the sky followed by homely cosy evenings in front of the fire as the leaves begin to turn. With its carefully blended tones of reassuring warming mellow spice and herbs this sophisticated fusion defines a subtle earthy autumnal cornucopia.

This earthy blend is constructed of a gentle stimulating black pepper that boosts immunity, enhances alertness and is even noted to assist in stopping smoking. Complex herbaceous vetiver known as the oil of tranquility, promotes sleep and emotional balance, especially for those in distress, angered or irritated. Vetiver is also an aphrodisiac. A perfect combination to ground, reassure and restore.

The autumn equinox marks the second time in the year when the day and night are of equal length. Balance is restored once more, all are equal, a time for reflection.

The autumn equinox, sometimes referred to by the Welsh name Mabon, is the celebration to mark the late harvest. The horn of plenty or cornucopia is a traditional symbol of the time of year that, overflowing with food, symbolises both wealth and balance. The apple is firmly associated with the equinox and other seasonal foods include root vegetables, pomegranates and squash.

Harvest festivals have been celebrated since early civilisations. In ancient Greece, Oschophoria was the celebration of wine making. In Rome the festival of Dionysus the god of wine and revelry was celebrated. More recently the Bavarians developed Oktoberfest, which begins in the last week of September, as a time of great feasting and merriment. Themes of life, death and rebirth are palpable in all these cultures’ festivities. The equinox’s glorious display of leaves turning golden and orange reminds us that the annual cycle continues once again and we contemplate that everything is temporary.

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