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Candlemas: The History Behind the Fragrance

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Fresh, woody and clean. Refreshing and invigorating Cypress, juniper berry, lemon, bergamot and ylang ylang

Breathe in this invigorating woody scent of fir trees, blended with citrus, and a light touch of flora to encapsulate a bracing walk through the fresh sylvan forest under a blanket of crisp glistening snow.

Cypress and juniper berry are both uplifting and refreshing. These woody scents are combined with citrus, energising sweet lemon and bergamot, and blended with a trace of exotic ylang ylang to add a floral sensual fragrance. The overall composition is pure, cleansing and exhilarating.

Candlemas celebrations on 2nd February included revering and blessing homely attributes such as the hearth fire, feasting and spring cleaning, as well as weather divination.

Imbolc, or "Brigid’s day", which preceded candlemas on 1st February, is a traditional Gaelic festival.

Brigid is said to be honoured in pre-Christian ancient times, gifts were left out for her and she would bless the homes and livestock.

Fire and purification were an important part of the festival. Candles and fires represented the return of warmth and the increasing hours of daylight over the coming months.

It was customary to watch for badgers and serpents awakening from hibernation to predict the forthcoming weather patterns.

This tradition is believed to be a precursor of the