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'Aroma Pips' wax melt samples


With so many custom blends of candle aromas on the market, do you find it difficult to choose which fragrances suit your tastes?⁠

At Langtree Botanics, we appreciate that being a predominantly online shop means that customers perusing our products online are unable to physically smell our products before purchasing.⁠

AROMA PIPS are Langtree’s range of wax samples and have been created as a solution to this problem. ⁠

These little wax samples give you the opportunity to smell the full seasonal range of Langtree Botanics products, allowing you to choose your favourite fragrance before purchasing.⁠

These are a perfect way to try the entire range in your home, without having to commit, as they are essentially small versions of our 'aroma truffles' wax melts.⁠

Our AROMA PIPS wax melt sample pack features all 8 of our seasonal fragrances, making it easier for you to decide which beautiful scents you want to fill your home with!⁠

This pack contains 2 small wax melts of each of our 8 seasonal blends; a total of 16 tiny wax melts.⁠ The little packets and labels are compostable, so there's no harm to the environment.