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All good wishes for Lughnasadh!

Updated: May 23, 2022

The ancient Gaelic festival Lughnasadh is named after the Celtic sun god, Lugh, who is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature. The story of Lugh defeating the dark god Crom Dubh translates as a representation of the good summer weather defeating famine. ⁠⁠

An old English folk song ‘John Barleycorn’ associated with midsummer tells of similar story of the annual cycle of the seasons and John Barleycorn is symbolic of the corn itself; telling of life and death - sowing, growth, harvest and the produce made from the corn.

Worldwide festivities often of pagan origin include offerings of the first fruits, feasting, marriage ceremonies of hand-fasting, fairs, athletic contests and circle dances reflecting the motion of the sun.

To celebrate the first harvest of the year we have created a hazy floral fragrance that is calming and balancing, from essential oils of benzoin, palmarosa, ylang ylang and basil.

Lunasa represents relaxing hazy summer days, and the floral and herbal scents of gardens at home or summer holidays abroad. This romantic perfume reflects the abundance of blooms of high summer in the sunshine.

This soothing fusion of floral and herbal fragrances is composed of the exotic palmarosa, ylang ylang and vanilla-like benzoin, all known for their ability to relax, dispel depression and ease anxiety. The subtle addition of the ‘king’ of herbs, aromatic basil, injects an energising edge to stimulate and combat exhaustion. Exquisitely tranquil and beautiful.

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