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Packaging and Sustainability

Part of Langtree Botanics’ mission statement is working towards a sustainable way of life that’s affordable and ethical to everyone. Not only do we take care to ensure that our product ingredients are eco-friendly and ethically sourced, we take the same considerations when selecting our product packaging.


We want to be as transparent with you about every aspect of our business.

Langtree Botanics Candles - Seasonal Ethical Wellbeing - Packaging

We use eco-friendly and recyclable cardboard boxes packed with 100% recycled and recyclable tissue paper to protect the glass candle containers.


Our soap and aroma pips bags, are made from compostable glassine bags.


We use bags made from natural cotton to package our aroma truffles, and are therefore reusable and biodegradable.


The cardboard tags we attach to these bags are 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials.

Our soap, aroma truffle and aroma pip wax melts labels are made from an uncoated environmentally friendly- wood-free paper, sourced from sustainable and managed forests across Europe.

For fire safety precautions, our candle labels are vinyl and therefore not currently recyclable. All of these labels use an adhesive which is also not derived from any animal product.

Langtree Botanics Candles - Seasonal Ethical Wellbeing - Product Labels
Langtree Botanics Candles - Seasonal Ethical Wellbeing - Business Cards

Any CLP or safety labels on our products are made from 100% recycled paper and use a water-based acrylic adhesive. The paper section of this is compostable, however the siliconised kraft paper backing the labels is not currently recyclable on a small scale. We use the same labels for postage. We are working towards a financially viable and ethical alternative.

Our business cards are printed on recycled card outsourced to a company that strongly promotes eco-friendly, sustainable vegan printing.

The boxes we use to dispatch our parcels are made from 70% recycled card and are 100% recyclable. NB. We will often reuse old boxes to send items to prevent excess waste


The padding we use in our boxes is a combination of reused recyclable brown paper, and shredded paper which is produced from 100% recycled materials, is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.


The tape we use to seal our parcels is made from Kraft paper with a natural rubber adhesive, and is therefore 100% recyclable.

Langtree Botanics Candles - Seasonal Ethical Wellbeing - Packaging

We continue to research ways in which we can be more sustainable and ethical, but if you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us at

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