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We create ethical handcrafted home and skincare products, and promote seasonal living.

This allows us to become closer with nature and the world around us, whilst supporting people’s wellbeing.

Our very own little cottage industry

As a child, nature and the passing seasons fascinated me. It was this seed that grew into Langtree Botanics.


Like you, we delight in soaking up the garden sun on a hot summer's day, walking through the woods on a crisp autumn morning, cosying up to the fireplace watching the rain fall in winter, or the birth of fresh colour and new life in spring.

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You have an emotional connection to nature

We make lifelong soulful relationships to the natural world through the annual cycle of the seasons. We help improve our mood and reduce stress by doing so.

We enjoy learning about the natural healing qualities of herbs and their use as remedies. This interest grew into making candles, soaps and body scrubs for friends and family as gifts.


The global pandemic made us more mindful of everyone’s wellbeing, and gave us time to turn our blossoming home project into something bigger that we wanted to share with others.

Sometimes things just feel right

We are creating a holistic lifestyle that gives back. We are building a culture of caring for one another and ourselves through being closer to nature.


Our blogs and social media presence are not purely focussed on selling products, but promoting seasonal living to support your wellbeing. We provide advice and tips, offering suggestions on how one can discover and maintain personal wellbeing.


Compassion and ethics are at the heart of what we do and make. We strive to lead by example, caring for people, respecting our environment, and giving back to communities whilst promoting climate concern. We are conscious of the decisions we make and the impact they may have.

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Make a positive impact on yourself and the planet with our unique home blends

At Langtree Botanics we create artisan handcrafted skincare and home products.


A large quantity of the botanics are homegrown and all ingredients sourced are high quality, organic where possible, cruelty free and vegan.

Our entire range of products have all been Certified by The Vegan Society.


There are no synthetics, chemicals, parabens nor toxic ingredients in any of our products. Everything is made in small batches with care to ensure freshness and benefit from the natural qualities of the botanicals. Our packaging reflects the ethics of the products; sustainable and eco-friendly.


Our signature range of fragranced candles are inspired by the ancient celebrations of nature and the annual cycle of the seasons. Each of these families represent the herbs and fragrances associated with that time of year.


Meet the team

Meet the team
Laura Felstead

Laura Felstead


Dave Felstead

Dave Felstead

Marketing, research & design


Ebenezer Blunderpuss

Staff wellbeing

The Langtree Botanics ethos

At Langtree Botanics we create artisan plant-based candles and soaps, naturally fragranced with essential oils. Ethics and sustainability are at the heart of our values and creativity.


All Langtree ingredients are high quality, cruelty free and vegan. We source ingredients from reputable suppliers who also take pride in their ethics.


Our signature range of Seasonal candles are already approved by the Vegan Society, and over time we aim to have all of our products vegan certified.


No synthetics, chemicals, parabens nor toxic ingredients are used in any Langtree products.


Our products are therefore made in small batches with care to ensure freshness and benefit from the natural qualities of the botanicals. A small selection of our botanicals are homegrown, so we know exactly how they were produced and they have no carbon footprint.


Langtree Botanics packaging reflects the ethics of the products themselves, sustainable and eco friendly.


We mainly use recyclable materials such as glass and paper, and only resort to a very small amount of recyclable plastic where there is no alternative. We actively encourage reusing, recycling and upcycling packaging to achieve zero waste. Follow us on Instagram for ideas and promotions.


We are currently researching initiatives on how we can ensure Langtree is carbon neutral and also relevant charities to support and give back to the community.


Langtree’s products are made from essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance oils.

Whilst fragrance oils often have a more potent scent and are inexpensive, they are artificially produced in a laboratory and do not have any health and therapeutic benefits as essential oils do. At Langtree Botanics we only use high grade sustainable essential oils from reputable suppliers. Our product recipes are tested and approved according to UK trading standards law, and our skincare products are tested on ourselves and never on animals.


Langtree Botanics soy wax is fully biodegradable and is a renewable resource that doesn’t release toxins when burnt.


It also contains no pesticides or herbicides and so is an environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin wax. We only use sustainable palm oil certified by RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).


Our pledge to bring you the safest, cleanest products by staying up to date on the latest eco-friendly initiatives is an inexhaustible journey that we relish.

Laura Felstead

Owner | Langtree Botanics

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