As the leaves turn and fall for the late harvest, restore your inner balance, and take time to reflect.

Seasonal, ethical, plant-based home and skincare products
for wellbeing and mindfulness

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Become closer to nature all year round by embracing the seasonal changes of the Earth's annual cycle

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We only use sustainable, ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients for peace of mind

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Promoting wellbeing and mindfulness for you and the planet




Handcrafted and natural ingredients

All of our scented products are hand poured in small batches from our home in Buckinghamshire, using only sustainable and ethically sourced natural ingredients.

Our unique fragrance blends are made using only carefully selected essential oils, allowing you to benefit from the natural qualities of the botanicals.

Sustainable and ethical

Our packaging reflects the ethics of the products; sustainable and eco-friendly.

Using recyclable cardboard and compostable glassine bags helps us maintain our pledge to be as sustainable as possible.

We strongly encourage reusing the cardboard packaging, and repurposing our empty glass jars once you've fully enjoyed your candle

Seasonal scents

Perhaps it's taking in the birth of fresh colour and new life in spring, or gentle strolls along a sun-licked beach in summer.

Maybe you prefer cosying up to a fireplace watchin the rain on an autumn day, or a peaceful walk through forests on a crisp winter morning.

Our fragrances are designed to bring you closer to that feeling of tranquillity

Feel refreshed and let yourself bloom this summer